Wait for steam deck 2 reddit? (2024)

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How long is the waitlist for Steam Deck?

Valve now has enough inventory to end the waitlist for the Steam Deck. That means you can order a unit today and expect to receive it in one to two weeks. On Thursday, third-party website SteamDB spotted(Opens in a new window) Valve nixing its reservation system.

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Is Steam Deck worth it or should I wait?

Worth It: Most Indie Games

If you are someone who loves playing these games, the Deck will be your best friend! Games like Hollow Knight, Celeste, Noita, Rain World, Vampire Survivors, Hades, Binding of Isaac, Undertale, Baba is You, Rivals of Aether, and many more work extremely well on the Steam Deck.

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Will there be a Steam Deck 2 soon?

Our best estimate on the Steam Deck 2 release date is 2025, as Valve designer Lawrence Yang recently said “a true next-gen Deck with a significant bump in horsepower wouldn't be for a few years.”

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Does Valve consider the Steam Deck a success?

Speaking to Rock Paper Shotgun, Valve designer Lawrence Yang reflected on the success of the company's handheld gaming PC, which celebrated its first anniversary last month. The Steam Deck was a critical success when it launched in 2022, with NME awarding it four stars out of five in our review.

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Can I get my Steam Deck sooner?

If you're patiently awaiting the day your email invite to buy a Steam Deck lands in the inbox, we have good news – it may arrive sooner than you think. Valve says it is “ramping up” shipments of its handheld gaming PC with plans to send more invites to people on the waiting list.

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Is Steam giving away Steam decks every minute?

Valve is set to give away one Steam Deck every single minute of The Game Awards(Opens in a new window) to a random Steam user. Anyone in the US, Canada, UK, or EU can win a 512GB Steam Deck(Opens in a new window) as long as they qualify and follow a few simple rules.

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Is the Steam Deck worth it 2023?

Sure, it's not perfect, a little pricey, and takes some getting used to, but beneath it all there's a console here that is hard not to fall for. For gamers who want to play a nice selection of triple-A and indie games in bed or on the move, the Steam Deck is definitely worth it.

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Is Steam Deck high end?

The Steam Deck is a dream come true: a portable gaming device with the capabilities of a high-end PC that can play even the most technically demanding AAA games like “Elden Ring” and “Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.” You can even boot into a Linux-based desktop mode, meaning popular mods for your Steam games from ...

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Is Steam Deck 64GB worth it?

Overall, I highly recommend the Valve Steam Deck 64GB to anyone looking for a powerful handheld gaming device. While the limited storage space can be a drawback, it is easily remedied with an external microSD card. The Steam Deck delivers on its promise of a high-quality gaming experience in a portable device.

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Will there be an OLED Steam Deck?

It looks like Valve won't be releasing an OLED model of its handheld Steam Deck in the near future. Steam Deck designer Pierre-Loup Griffais commented on the feasibility of an OLED model in an interview with PC Gamer, in which he explained why it won't be possible in the near future.

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How many steam decks sold to date?

For reference, McWhirter found that the Steam Deck sold 1.6 million worldwide units in 2022, so that 3.5 million would be a 14 percent increase.

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How long until Steam Deck 2 comes out?

With AMD's APU development timelines and Yang's own statements in mind, it's likely that the release date for a potential Steam Deck 2 would come in 2025 or later. Valve is already hard at work in other areas of hardware development, and the ongoing success of the Deck shows that they don't need to iterate soon at all.

Wait for steam deck 2 reddit? (2024)
Is Valve selling Steam Deck at a loss?

You guys expecting an upgraded model need to keep in mind that Valve are still losing a big chunk of money on each Steam Deck unit sold (especially the $399.99 model).

Is anything better than Steam Deck?

The Logitech G Cloud is one of the best Steam Deck alternatives. It might not be as powerful and is primarily designed for cloud gaming, but it's powered by Android, letting you enjoy games from the Google Play Store. You also can play your Steam games via the cloud.

Who actually won a Steam Deck?

The Game Awards finds a new icon: Steam Deck winner Milf Hunter | GamesRadar+

What to do if you miss Steam Deck reservation?

🎉 Emails will be sent out on the same cadence - every Monday and Thursday, with a 3 day order window. And as a reminder, if you happen to miss your order window for Steam Deck and would still like to purchase, just go to help.steampowered.com/en/wizard/Help… and select 'Contact Steam Support'.

How far out are Steam Deck orders?

Valve has updated the Steam Deck page to show that any reservations placed now won't be able to actually make an order until sometime “after Q3 2022,” which means you shouldn't expect to get one of the handheld gaming PCs of your own until at least October.

How long does it take for the Steam Deck to ship 2023?

The Steam Deck delivery time in 2023 is between 1-2 weeks. In the US, it takes around a week from purchasing the device for it to arrive, and in Europe, it also takes around a week.

Will the Steam Deck become cheaper?

Steam Deck prices start at $399 and cost $514 on average as of June 2023. Steam Deck prices will continue to get cheaper over time. Valve phones hold their value well, but prices will continue to drop as time passes and new models are announced. Buy used and get the best price today on Swappa.

How many steam decks shipped per week?

We can roughly estimate that 6,400 Steam Decks shipped per week from Valve's manufacturing lines to customers in its earliest days. A "more than doubling" of manufacturing and shipping capacity may start at 13,000 weekly Steam Deck shipments.

Can Steam Deck replace my daily computer?

In the Steam Deck's desktop environment, you will find everything you need to use the system like a PC. Some applications are pre-installed, while others can be added later. To access your favorite websites, the Steam Deck has a browser already built in.

Is Steam Deck more powerful than Nintendo Switch?

Connected to a dock, you can even use the Deck as a full HTPC. The Nintendo Switch Lite cannot do any of that, so by technicality, the Steam Deck wins over the Switch simply because all its models/configurations can connect to your TV. But it also wins because it supports more than one video output and resolution.

Are Steam Deck graphics better than Switch?

The Steam Deck has a better resolution than the Nintendo Switch, at 1280 x 800, against the Switch's 1280x 720 screen. Both have pretty standard LCDs, which both refresh at 60Hz. Neither the Switch nor the Steam Deck has great displays. Both have these fairly dull, but certainly usable screens.

Will Diablo 4 run on Steam Deck?

For future sessions, you can launch the game from the Steam Deck's default view, called “gaming mode.” Just select “Play” once you've logged into Battle.net. While the framerate can dip and stutter occasionally, the Steam Deck handles Diablo 4 pretty well.

Is the Steam Deck fragile?

Fortunately for the Steam Deck, the screen was the most sensitive component to Jerry's durability tests. Scratching the hard plastic shell of the Deck, along with its rubberized buttons and plastic buttons, showed no loss in functionality and only left ugly scratches to look at.

Is Steam Deck more powerful than a PS4?

It's quite possibly the most powerful gaming PC ever sold for $400, with roughly the power of a PS4 under its 7-inch screen.

Is 512GB enough Steam Deck?

It offers great read speeds (up to 160MB/s) and though that's not as fast as the internal storage on the console it's still a good balance of speed and storage size. 512GB is also a good boost of extra storage space for your Steam Deck, though if you can stretch to it the 1TB model is worth considering too.

Is 1TB SD card worth it Steam Deck?

SanDisk Extreme microSD card

If you want to pick up a 1TB microSD card for your Steam Deck, then you should definitely check out the SanDisk 1TB Extreme microSDXC UHS-I card. This is great for those who like to have a copious amount of storage at their disposal, and it'll do the job perfectly for storing games.

Is 64 or 512 Steam Deck better?

According to Valve, the 64GB eMMC loads games 12.5% slower compared to the 512GB NVMe SSD. For boot speeds, the former is 25% slower than the latter. Also, because of the way that NVMe scales, the 512GB model is quicker than the 256GB model.

How much slower is SD card Steam Deck?

The SD card is still 58% slower, although thanks to the loading time being so much lower at just 12 seconds for the SSD, 58% slower only adds 7 seconds for a total of 19 seconds.

Will SteamOS 3.0 be available?

In February 2022, Valve released the handheld gaming computer Steam Deck running SteamOS 3.0. SteamOS 3 is based on the Arch Linux distribution with KDE Plasma 5.

Will Steam Deck have ray tracing?

You can now enable Ray Tracing on Steam Deck without having to rely on customization through Linux. Valve slid the feature into the latest Steam Deck OS preview update, which was mainly meant to fix issues with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Will Steam Deck 2 have OLED?

Valve says a Steam Deck OLED isn't in the cards, and the reason why is what made the first version so great. Don't expect a mid-cycle refresh of the Steam Deck anytime soon.

How many steam decks is Valve giving away?

All hands on Deck! Valve gave away one Steam Deck per minute during The Game Awards, prompting memes, needless chat spam, and now, another giveaway. Valve has pulled from TGA viewers yet again to hand out 171 more Decks, all because it was "blown away by the overwhelming response" to the first.

How many steam decks did Valve give away?

Valve will give away over a hundred Steam Decks during The Game Awards | Engadget.

How many people own a Steam Deck?

The report claims Valve sold 1.62 million units of the Steam Deck in 2022, which is expected to grow by 14 percent to 1.85 million units in 2023.

Can Steam Deck run PS5 games?

At this stage, we have set up your Steam Deck so you can remotely play your PS5 or PS4 games. To open up Chiaki to play these games, you will want to first change over to your Steam library. Bring up the Steam menu, then select the “ Library ” option to continue.

Is Valve working on a Steam Deck 2?

According to a recent interview, Valve is taking a more console-style approach, aiming for a hardware upgrade several years down the line at the earliest. A year after the gadget's debut, Valve designer Lawrence Yang told Rock Paper Shotgun that a sequel device won't be here for quite a while.

What games won t work on Steam Deck?

Games You Can't Play On Steam Deck
  • Apex Legends.
  • Black Desert Online.
  • DayZ.
  • Dead by Daylight.
  • Destiny 2.
  • Fall Guys.
  • Hunt: Showdown.
  • Paladins.
Jul 19, 2021

Did the Steam Deck flop?

Happy birthday, anniversary, launchiversary, or whatever you want to call it to the Steam Deck. Valve's handheld SteamOS games machine has successfully evaded hardware flop status, currently sitting fourth in Steam's own top sellers list a full year after it began shipping.

Does Steam Deck make profit?

Speaking to IGN last year, CEO Gabe Newell called the Steam Deck's $399 starting price “very aggressive” and “painful,” suggesting that the hardware isn't wildly profitable. Instead, Steam Deck will make its money from game sales, just like other consoles.

Is Valve making money?

There were 7,123 games available on steam so far in the last eight months of 2022. Valve is worth $7.7 billion in 2022. Valve generated around USD13 billion in total revenue in 2022, about USD10 billion of the revenue was from the Steam store.

What are the cons of a Steam Deck?

  • Short battery life.
  • No 1TB storage option.
  • Steam game support is sort of trial and error.

Is Ayaneo 2 better than Steam Deck?

Second, the Ayaneo 2 is absolutely more powerful than the Steam Deck. With an AMD Ryzen 6800U processor featuring Radeon 680M graphics, it's got nearly twice the raw teraflops of graphical performance as Valve's custom chip — and in practice, that means moving your games up a graphical tier or two.

What handhelds are more powerful than Steam Deck?

As you can see, there are many alternatives to the Steam Deck, some even more powerful than Valve's handheld, while others serve a different need. The devices we would personally choose are the Asus ROG Ally, the AYANEO 2 and the GPD WIN 4.

Are bots winning all the steam decks?

Bots are winning the Steam Deck giveaways at The Game Awards.

How long to wait after paying for Steam Deck?

Shipping the Deck may take 7-10 days after purchase. This is normal currently in some regions. If you miss your window by a day, contact Steam Support, they can extend it.

How many steam decks will be given out?

Valve is giving away a Steam Deck each minute of The Game Awards when that show airs on Thursday, Dec. 8. The Game Awards 2022 usually runs about three hours, so, that's 180 Steam Decks!

How many preorders for Steam Deck?

During that time, SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik kept track of the sales tally, and by his count, the publicly reported queue for confirmed preorders exceeded 110,000 across those three sales regions.

Is 64GB Steam Deck worth it?

Overall, I highly recommend the Valve Steam Deck 64GB to anyone looking for a powerful handheld gaming device. While the limited storage space can be a drawback, it is easily remedied with an external microSD card. The Steam Deck delivers on its promise of a high-quality gaming experience in a portable device.

What happens to my reservation fee if I do not order my Steam Deck in time?

What happens to my reservation fee if I do not order my Steam Deck in time? Your reservation fee will be refunded in full. If your refund occurs within 30 days of your initial reservation, you will be refunded to whatever payment method you used.

How long does Steam Deck last in standby?

How long does Steam Deck last in standby? Officially, Valve has stated that the battery for the Steam Deck could last anywhere from 2 to 8 hours depending on how heavy it is being used and the general settings on the game.

Are bots winning steam decks?

Multiple users noticed some strange things during the awarding of the winners of The Game Awards Steam Deck prize. Apparently, multiple clues indicated that some winning profiles were actually bots. If you're a bot watching the Game Awards on Steam, congrats on winning a new Steam Deck!

Can the Steam Deck run Elden ring?

Can Steam Deck run Elden Ring? The answer is Yes. Elden Ring has been verified and is playable on Steam Deck. On Valve's Steam Deck compatibility page, Elden Ring is listed as one of the most popular games on portable gaming devices.

Is the more expensive Steam Deck worth it?

Ultimately, it depends on where you plan to play your Steam Deck. While the $649 model objectively has the better screen, if you'll mostly play indoors then you'll rarely see the benefit. However, if you live in a sunny climate and plan to play outdoors, consider the upgrade.

Is Steam Deck better than switch?

Connected to a dock, you can even use the Deck as a full HTPC. The Nintendo Switch Lite cannot do any of that, so by technicality, the Steam Deck wins over the Switch simply because all its models/configurations can connect to your TV. But it also wins because it supports more than one video output and resolution.

How well is the Steam Deck selling 2023?

Lifetime sales of Valve's Steam Deck is going to surpass three million units in 2023, according to a report from research firm Omdia. The report claims Valve sold 1.62 million units of the Steam Deck in 2022, which is expected to grow by 14 percent to 1.85 million units in 2023.

How many Steam Deck units sold in 2023?

According to Omdia, the Steam Deck sold an estimated 1.62 million units in 2022, and is on track to sell about 1.85 million units throughout 2023. This would push total Steam Deck unit sales to 3.47 million by the end of 2023.

How many steam decks per household?

The Steam Deck is more readily available thanks to Valve's increased production. However, it's still an expensive piece of hardware, and most users have a maximum of one Steam Deck per household.


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