Can you wait an hour in high on life? (2024)

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Can you wait an hour in high on life?

So, what happens if the player actually does wait? The answer is a bit anticlimactic. Douglas does pop up intermittently to applaud and poke fun at the player for their continued meditation. There are no achievements to be unlocked for completing this waiting period.

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What happens if you wait an hour in G3 recruiting?

You do not get anything special for waiting the full hour in the Douglas Bounty mission, so it isn't worth waiting for. During the Douglas Bounty mission, you will be asked to infiltrate the G3 in disguise to track down Douglas. You will pose as a new recruit and have to complete training tests.

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Where is Douglas High on Life?

An unpredictable party animal with a penchant for torture and hardcore drugs, Douglas has the distinct honor of holding the title of G3 Chief of Training and Torture. But before you can riddle Douglas with bullets, you'll need to navigate the arid Port Terrene outskirts to reach his base in Dreg Town.

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How long should it take to complete High on Life?

When focusing on the main objectives, High On Life is about 9 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 18½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

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Can you keep playing High on Life?

You can still play more of the game after this, so make sure to collect all of the High on Life Pesos to purchase any remaining upgrades or collectibles highlighted in our High On Life walkthrough. Or, you can find all of the High on Life Warp Crystals to finish the game completely.

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What does G3 stand for in High On Life?

The G3 Cartel, or simply the G3, are the main antagonist faction of the video game, High On Life. They are an infamous, intergalactic drug cartel led by Garmantuous who invaded Earth to kidnap humans, get high off them, and sell them as drugs.

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Who is making High On Life?

It was created by Justin Roiland and developed and published by Squanch Games. The game was released on December 13, 2022 for Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The game received mixed reviews from critics, who were divided on its humour, while criticising the technical issues upon launch.

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How do you get the secret boss in High On Life?

Secret Boss Fight 5-Torg

5-Torg is a secret boss you can fight right after you complete the 9-Torg Bounty.

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What to do when you beat High On Life?

After completing the game and rolling credits, click to continue the game. There is some brief dialogue from Gene that vaguely alludes to a meta-acknowledgment of everyone's existence within a game before the player is free to roam.

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How to get Gus High On Life?

Get the Krubis warp location and use the device to get him to your site. Once he gets to your location, you must defeat him. After defeating Krubis, you need to get his DNA, and while you are taking the DNA, you will be able to get Gus the Talking Shotgun from his body.

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How long do I have to watch the bike in High on Life?

No matter what, as soon as the player turns their gaze away from the bike, it will immediately disappear. Feel free to wait and watch after the bike for as long as feels comfortable, but the alien will not return until the bike has been stolen.

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How do you slow down time in High on Life?

In order to slow down the fans, the player will first need to complete the bounty for Douglas. This requires selecting the bounty on the Bounty 5000, traveling through Old Town into Dreg Town, and battling through hordes of enemies before taking on the pompous Douglas.

Can you wait an hour in high on life? (2024)
How to make High on Life run faster?

What is Best Settings for High On Life? Basically, you can try adjusting High On Life in-game settings. Lowering the resolution and turning off any unnecessary graphics options, such as anti-aliasing and shadows, can help improve frame rates.

Can you go back after beating High on Life?

Here Are Things to Do After Beating High on Life

You cannot play through the same bounty hunter missions again. However, after you defeat the final boss you have the option of further exploring the planets you previously discovered.

Is High on Life ok for a 10 year old?

6: All in all, I would say around 11 - 13 is perfect to play this game. But always remember your child's maturity level. You only have one childhood. A little green blood and cursing isnt going to do anything that bad.

Are there multiple endings to High on Life?

High on Life's standard ending isn't the end of the story. High on Life has a secret ending for those who take the time to do a little bit more digging, so here's how you can unlock it.

What happens if tweeg moves in High On Life?

If you choose to allow Tweeg to move in, you will eventually find Lizzie kidnapping Tweeg in order to try to fix their relationship. However, Tweeg will admit that he almost sold you out to the G3 to which Lizzie will then decide to leave him.

Can you save Kenny High On Life?

Unfortunately, the strength of the explosion will almost certainly kill Kenny in the process. While you could go ahead and insert Kenny into Garmantuous, you can also swap to any of the other Gatlians in your arsenal and sacrifice them instead.

What species is knifey High On Life?

We've listed every Gatlian in High on Life below: Kenny. Knifey. Sweezy.

What should I upgrade first in High on Life?

The most important upgrade for all four guns is increasing ammo capacity which is a good upgrade to have in most shooters. Reducing the cooldown for the secondary fire is also a good upgrade for most weapons.

What is the High on Life controversy?

His new video game, High On Life, rocketed to Xbox Game Pass's number one title of the year. It all came crashing down on January 12th, 2023 when news broke that Roiland had been charged with a felony domestic violence complaint in May of 2020.

Is Morty the gun in High on Life?

Justin Roiland voices the first gun that players acquire in High on Life, Kenny. Fans of Rick and Morty will instantly recognize his voice as he uses the same one for Kenny that he does for Morty Smith.

Is 5 Torg a secret boss?

5-Torg is a secret boss you can fight in High on Life during one of your Bounty's. But you'll have to play a bit of the main story to fight this boss.

What are the easiest bosses in High on Life?

#7 - 9-Torg Is The Easiest Boss In High On Life

Players must be careful with the boss arena's platform, which sometimes sinks under the corrosive liquid, and they must use Knifey to tether themselves to the insects hovering in the air.

What can you do with 5 Torg?

Unfortunately, the game does not provide standard or secret achievement in High on Life for killing or sparing 5 Torg, but in the end, it's better to just kill her as she is evil, and if you decide not to kill her will just make you miss out on some satisfying dialogues from 5 Torg as you chip away at her health bar.

How many missions are in High on Life?

How many bounties are there in High on Life? There are seven main bounties in High on Life, and these are the core story missions that will lead you through to the narrative's conclusion. You may have already guessed this because there are seven spaces on the bounty-hunting machine that ends up in your living room.

Are there any side quests in High on Life?

There are several sidequests that you can clear out, which range from a general level of unimportance to achievement-locked activities. Although several of them can be missed, many of them can be completed in the postgame. Here's a short list, complete with links to guides: A Starfish is Born.

Are there side missions in High on Life?

As with most story games, High on Life won't require too much of your time to complete but will offer some side quests and additional adventures if you want to prolong your stay in space.

What is the best weapon in High on Life?

Lezduit has a charge of a hundred and will zap anything in its path. It truly is the strongest weapon in the game. As Lezduit doesn't talk, it is ranked less though as the others have more colorful personalities which one would want in a comedy game.

How long does it take to 100 High on Life?

High On Life approximate play time

Hence, just completing the story will take somewhere around 12 hours. However, for completionists who are looking for 100% completion by unlocking all the achievements and trophies, the total play time could be around 25 hours.

What happens if you don t wait the full hour in High on Life?

Should you wait one hour in High On Life? In short, you really shouldn't wait around for one hour in High On Life as you don't get any kind of reward for doing so. All that happens is that Douglas pops in with a video message every 15 minutes before at one hour the screen lifts up and then breaks.

What is the release date for High On Life?

The original High on Life trailer was released at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase on June 12, 2022, with an anticipated release of October 2022. A two-month delay was announced on August 18, 2022, however that set the release date to December 13, 2022, with the stated reason being to finish improving the game.

What should I upgrade first in high on life?

The most important upgrade for all four guns is increasing ammo capacity which is a good upgrade to have in most shooters. Reducing the cooldown for the secondary fire is also a good upgrade for most weapons.

How can I speed up time in real life?

How To Make Time Go Faster
  1. Stop Watching The Clock. If you keep looking at the time, it's not going to move any faster! ...
  2. Get into a Flow State. ...
  3. Create a Routine. ...
  4. Use a to-do list. ...
  5. Break time into blocks. ...
  6. Enjoy socializing and share your work. ...
  7. Split unpleasant tasks. ...
  8. Put something on in the background.
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